LED upgrades

and new installations

Devlin Electrical

Replacing the inefficient

Replacing your inefficient 50watt halogen downlights with 10watt LED fittings has many advantages.

The most obvious advantage is that they greatly reduce your lighting cost, with up to an 81% reduction in power consumption.

Halogen downlights have also been the cause of many house fire as they can reach very high tempartures when on for more than a few hours.

The lifespan of a halogen down light is about 1500 – 2000 hours and many fail to meet this milestone, LED’s have a lifespan of >50,000 hours, which is 22 years if they are on for 6 hours a day.

With many houses having 40+ down lights this can be a great saving in energy and globe replacements.

There is also a goverment rebate available to replace your halogen downlights with LED fittings, This is due to end in 2015.

The goverment rebate is also available for commercial properties.

Offices and factories can also gain from LED upgrades. LED tubes can be retro fitted into existing flourecent tube fittings, offering a 50% reduction in energy usage and large savings in maintanince cost as they also have a lifespan of >50,000 hours.

Metal halide high bay light fittings can also be replaced with LED units offering up to 75% reduction in energy usage.